Zamfara may record lowest voter turnout due to insecurity, says Nagarta


Alhaji Usman Nagarta, a businessman cum politician, has lamented that Zamfara State may record a very low voter turnout in the 2023 general elections considering the incessant insecurity situation bedeviling the state.

In a telephone interview with DAILY POST, Nagarta stated that the insecurity situation may jeopardize the general elections in the state, especially in the rural areas unless the Federal Government puts formidable security measures in place before the elections.

“If insecurity persists, the Federal Government should not expect 100 percent credible and acceptable elections as many political parties would protest the results”, he added.

“Most of the locals will be afraid of being attacked by the bandits and will not have the courage to come out to vote. Most of the time, the bandits would finish their nefarious operations before the security operatives would arrive the scene.”

According to him, the grassroots are the voting powers as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) always records the highest numbers of votes frоm the rural areas in the state.

The politician stated that Nigerians can no longer exercise their constitutional obligations because of an insecure environment, saying that he foresaw inconclusive elections, especially in the rural areas where bandits have their camps.

Nagarta called on the federal and state governments to as a matter of urgency address the teething security challenges before the time to enable every citizen that is above the age of 18 to participate in the elections and resume their legitimate endeavours.

“The governments should understand that it is not compulsory for anybody to come out and vote if he or she feels that coming out to vote would endanger his or her life,” he said.

He blamed the Federal Government for taking so long in addressing the ravaging banditry activities in the state, stressing that the state governments do not have control over security operatives.

He, however, advised the Federal Government to design adequate security measures and form a well-coordinated security network before making arrangements for any election, especially in the rural areas.


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