Governor El-Rufai Firmly Denies Misappropriation of Funds in Kaduna State

In his final media broadcast as governor, Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State emphatically refuted allegations of stealing public funds throughout his two terms in office. Responding to criticisms of his performance, he defended his integrity and assured the public that he had not misappropriated a single kobo from the government coffers.

Governor El-Rufai further stated that the only house he possessed before assuming office was the same one he intended to retire in once his tenure concludes on May 29, 2023.

Addressing his detractors, he challenged those who questioned the legitimacy of the loans taken by the government to examine the utilization of those funds. He asserted that the loans were not used for personal gain, such as purchasing properties in Dubai or constructing luxurious mansions along Jabi Road. Governor El-Rufai declared that he and his administration were not driven by such motives.

Highlighting his modest lifestyle, Governor El-Rufai shared that he became the governor of Kaduna State with only one house on Danja Road at Ungwan Sarki. He emphasized that he did not build any extravagant mansions because he did not feel the need for them.

Asserting his commitment to transparency and accountability, Governor El-Rufai threw down a challenge to his predecessors, urging them to come forward and swear on the Qur’an that they did not embezzle any funds that rightfully belonged to the people of Kaduna State during their respective tenures.

As the governor prepares to hand over the reins of leadership to Governor-elect Uba Sani, he reaffirmed his unwavering stance on his fiscal responsibility and integrity during his time in office.

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