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Shin kun san jaruman Bollywood masu saurin fusata?

Salman Khan

Hakkin mallakar hoto
Catch News

Fitaccen jarumin finaa-finan kasar Indiyan na daga cikin jaruman kasar da ke da saurin hasala.

Yana da fushi kamar wuta, domin wasu lokutan abin da kai ya yi fushi a kansa ba, ya sanya shi saurin fushi.

Irin wannan halayya ta sa ce ta sa a lokacin da suka samu sabani da tsohuwar budurwarsa wato Aishwarya Rai, zancen ya yadu a duniya saboda fusatar da ya yi a kan rabuwar ta su.

To sai dai kuma, an yi ittifakin cewa, jarumin mutum ne mai kirki da kuma tausayin marassa galihu, don a lokuta da dama ya kan sadaukar da dukiyarsa wajen tallafa wa marassa karfi.

Shahrukh Khan

Hakkin mallakar hoto
Deccan Chronicle

Mutane da dama za su yi mamakin kasancewarShahrukh Khan a cikin jerin jaruman fina-finan kasar Indiya da ke da saurin fushi.

To ba abin mamaki ba ne, domin hausawa sun ce mutum tara yake bai cika goma ba.

Saurin fushi halayya ce a Shahrukh Khan, musammamma idan aka tabo shi.

Ya kan ajiye sanayya ya wanke mutum ta tas idan har ya tabo shi.

Shahrukh Khan baya son a raina ma sa hankali.

Amma duk da haka jarumin, mutum ne mai son jama’a da kuma saukin kai.

Amitabh Bachchan

Hakkin mallakar hoto
Kinky Little Boots

Duk da kasancewarsa dattijo, Amitabh Bachchan, baya boye fushinsa musamma a kafafan sada zumunta na zamani.

Amitabh Bachchan, baya son rai ni, yana so a girmamashi.

Saboda ya san shi mutum ne mai saurin fusata, shi ya sa ba ya sa kansa a cikin duk abin da ba a saka shi ba saboda gudun bacin rai.

To sai dai kuma duk da saurin fushin nasa, Amitabh Bachchan, dattijon kwarai ne, ya na kuma ba wa kowa girmansa.

Rani Mukerji

Hakkin mallakar hoto

Itama dai jama’a da dama za suyi mamakin ganinta a cikin jerin jaruman kasar Indiya da ke da saurin fushi.

Rani mutuniyar kirki ce kuma ba ta son tashin hankali ko kadan.

Ta na da ruwan salihan mutane, to amma idan aka tabo ta, sai ta rikide ta zamo ba kamar ba ita ba.

Ko shakka ba bu ta na hakuri, amma kuma ba ta daukar wargi.

Preity Zinta

Hakkin mallakar hoto

Preity Zinta ta shiga sahun masu sauin fushi ne saboda ba ta daukar wargi.

Dama dai ita hakurinta ba sosai ba, don haka bata kyale duk wanda ya shiga gonarta.

Amma kuma wani abu da Preity Zinta, shi ne tana da kirki da kum girmama na gaba da ita.


Hakkin mallakar hoto

Ita dama can ba ta hakuri.

Ta na da tsiwa da fada.

Duk yada Kajol ta ke da tare da kai, idan ka shigar mata hanci, to fa sai ta fyato ka.

Ba ta kyale kowa.

Amma kuma tana son mutane, akwai fara’a da saurin sabo.

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