Nigerians accuse SARS of robbery, kidnapping, demand probe

Nigerians are suggesting that the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) took part in serious crimes.
They are alleging that the operatives engaged in robbery and kidnapping in some states of the federation.
Some are talking about their personal experiences as well as stories shared by family members and friends.
Many are calling for a thorough investigation of all operatives attached to the unit in order to uncover more atrocities committed.
They want diligent prosecution of all those culpable to serve as deterrent to rogue officers in the Police and other security agencies.
A social critic, Deji Adeyanju, stirred up a hornet’s nest on Twitter when he raised an observation.
He tweeted via his handle @adeyanjudeji: “Who else noticed since the protests started, no widespread report of armed robbery, kidnapping, etc? Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?”
Respondents to his comments and others gave their position on the allegations against SARS.
@maikel_kamall wrote: I learned about this when I was in school. When these bad guys want to raid lodges, they inform the security and they are given a time frame for their operation. Na the ones wey no involve dem for their operations dem dey always use vex come for. But they will still negotiate and free them afterwards. Our security personnel are the major bandits, they plan every move and release guns to them.
@AluyoCollins: I have always argued that armed robbery is perpetuated mostly by rogue Policemen and their accomplices. That is not to say they don’t apprehend robbers once a while especially those that do not involve them in their operations.
@slyanthony: SARS needs to be ended because its main purpose for creation in the first place was for security, safeguarding the people against any harm. But they turn around to be the greatest harm and threat to the citizens they are meant to protect. Extortion and kidnapping.
@NellyChidi79: We need to #EndSARS because All Lives Matter. We need to end the Kidnapping and killing of Nigerian Youths. SARS have taken away the lives of future leaders of Nigeria this is why we need to end SARS.
@jeni_sassy: The sad thing is the government is only making noises and no real action on the ground. No arrests, no arraignments, no condemnation. Only “we have heard”. Meanwhile mass murdering, kidnapping, raping, extorting SARS officers are walking free (whether they are fugitives is another matter).
@buki_barbz: So apparently these SARS guys are now kidnapping and killing more of us? Wow.
@Synndny: With all the revelations making rounds through #EndSARS movement, one would easily conclude that there are links between rape, kidnapping, ritualist, electoral frauds, social menace and SARS! They do not mean well for us!
@ItsYETTYjoor: Could we all just agree that SARS is a government sanctioned Kidnapping + Organ Harvesting ring. Them collecting money from the ‘lucky’ few is just an added bonus for them.
@OMO_IYAMAGGI: Armed Robber and kidnapping have reduced since #ENDSARS protest started which means the SARS officers are behind it.
@keluokoye: Anambra has been one hell of a place. Let’s not miss the point. During the SARS reign of terror unlike now, I also left Anambra for my safety then. But let’s not forget what Anambra used to be before. The serial arm robbery and kidnapping.”

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