Lagos named second-worst liveable city on earth


A global business intelligence, Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU has ranked Nigeria’s commercial capital city, Lagos the world’s second-worst liveable city.

EIU according to its recent publication, ranked Lagos 171 out of 172 countries in the list of its global liveable cities in the world.

The latest 2022 Global Liveability Index published by the EIU revealed that Vienna regained its customary position as the number one. Canadian and European cities dominated the top ten

Following the report, it can be deduced that Nigerian best city is the worst in Africa as Damascus (Syria) and Tripoli (Libya) continue to languish at the bottom of the list along with Lagos (Nigeria) as they face social unrest, terrorism and conflict.

“The EIU further highlighted the top five most liveable cities in the world as Vienna, with Austria, scoring 99. 1; Copenhagen, Denmark, 98.0; Zurich, Switzerland at 96.3; Calgary, Canada had 96.3 and Vancouver, Canada with 96.1

“However, most of the cities in the bottom ten have improved their scores compared with last year, as COVID-19 pandemic induced pressures,” EIU stated.

A variety of factors, including crime rate, health care, political stability, infrastructure and access to green space were used for the ranking.

Lagos State remains the most populated city in the country with at least 14 million people.


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