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Ko kun san ‘yan sandan da sojojin Najeriya suka kashe a Taraba?



Ana ci gaba da musayar yawu kan kisan da sojoji suka yi wa 'yansandan Najeriya uku

Hakkin mallakar hoto
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—BBC Hausa

Duk da dai an saba da ganin an samu sabanin ra’ayi ko kuma rashin fahimta tsakanin ‘yansanda da soji a Najeriyar, amma da alama wannan na takaddama game da hallaka jami’an ‘yan sanda uku a jihar Taraba ya fi jan hankalin al’umma a baya-bayan nan.

Rundunar ‘yan sandan Najeriya dai na zargin cewa an hallaka jami’an nata uku ne bayan da wasu sojojin suka bude wa wata tawagar ‘yan sandan wuta.

Lamarin ya faru ne a kan hanyar Ibi zuwa Jalingo, kamar yadda ‘yan sandan suka bayyana cewa tawagar ta masu kai daukin gaggawa ce ta Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

Rundunar ‘yansandan ta Najeriya dai ta ce jami’an nata da sojoji suka hallaka na daga cikin mafiya kwazo da hazaka a bangaren bincike na kasar.

Ta ce wadannan jami’an sun kasance cikin tawagar da ta gudanar da bincike-bincike na tsaro masu hadari da kuma muhimmanci ga kasar.

Jami’an su ne:

  • Insp. Mark Edaile, daga jihar Edo
  • Sgt. Usman Danazumi, daga jihar Taraba
  • Sgt. Dahiru Musa, daga jihar Taraba

Ayyukan bincike da jami’an ‘yan sandan da aka kashe suka yi a baya sun hada da:

1. Damko mashahurin mutumin nan mai satar mutane da ake kira Evans.

2. Kamo mayakan kungiyar Boko Haram 22 wadanda aka zarga da hannu a sace daliban makarantar sakandaren ‘yanmata ta Chibok a jihar Borno.

3. Kwato wasu turawa, ‘yan asalin Amurka da Canada, wadanda aka sace a jihar Kaduna.

4. Kama wanda ake zargin shi ne shugaban kungiyar Boko Haram na arewa-maso-yammacin Najeriya, da mabiyansa da dama.

5. Ceto magajin Garin Daura da aka sace, tare da damke mutane 13 da ake zargi da satan sa a jihar Kano.

Tuni dai sifeta janar na ‘yansandan Najeriya IG Adamu Muhammed ya bukaci al’umma su kwantar da hankulansu yayin da ake bincike domin gano gaskiyar lamarin.

Sai dai yayin da ake gudanar da wannan bincike, rundunar ‘yan sandan ta Najeriya ta jefa wa rundunar sojin kasar wasu tambayoyi da ta ce tana bukatar amsoshinsu domin fayyace gaskiya.

Daga cikin tambayoyin har da yadda suka saki wani da ake zargin sa da kasancewa kasurgumin mai satar mutane.

Rundunar soji ta Najeriya dai ta musa zargin da rundunar ‘yan sandan kasar ke yi na cewa sojoji sun kashe jami’an ‘yansandan ne da gangan.

A cikin wata sanarwa da ya fitar, kakakin sojin Kanar Sagir Musa ya ce sojoji sun yi ba-ta-kashi ne da masu satar mutane, ba tare da sanin cewa jami’an ‘yansanda ne ba.

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What Buhari told lawmakers in Katsina



President Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday in Daura told Katsina State lawmakers that leadership entails earning the trust of the people who voted you into office and consistently staying the path of honesty and fairness at all times,

Receiving the leadership of the State House of Assembly led by the Speaker, Tasiu Musa Maigari, Buhari said the essence of contesting elections was to serve the people, and political actors must always remain loyal, dedicated and focused on delivering on their promises.

“Having been chosen by your people to lead, you must ensure that you remain trustworthy. Ensure fairness at all times.

“Leadership at home, community or national level is a heavy responsibility. And it must be discharged with fairness, firmness and justice,’ the President said.

He urged the lawmakers to be selfless, visionary and committed to meeting the needs of the electorate while minding their constitutional responsibilities.

In his remark, the Speaker thanked the President for providing leadership at the national level, and setting a standard on integrity and forthrightness for others to emulate.

Maigari assured the President that the Katsina House of Assembly will continue to support his policies, and ensure a trickling down in the state to favour their various constituencies.

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Controller speaks on ‘jail break in Keffi prison’



Emmanuel Okoro, the Controller of the Nasarawa State Command of the Nigeria Correctional Service, on Thursday, refuted reports by a section of the media which claimed there was a jail break at the Keffi Old Prison.

Okoro denied the news while speaking to newsmen in Lafia, adding that what happened at the prison was a reaction by some angry prisoners who were not allowed to smoke cigarettes within the prison yard.

The controller explained that the inmates were refused access to cigarettes because it was against the regulation of the service, NAN reports.

“These inmates here are for us to correct them; we can not allow them indulge in habits that will further expose them to more harm within the prison yard,” he said.

Okoro, who said that he personally visited the facility after the incident, revealed that the smokers became aggressive until officials were able to restrain them and brought the situation under control.

According to him, no inmate escaped or got injured during the altercation with officials of the service.

“I was there and I spoke to some of the inmates and they told me that they had no plans for a jail break and all they wanted was to smoke.

“So I informed them it was against regulations to allow smoking in the facility and they apologised.

“Lets be clear on this, what they demanded to smoke was cigarettes not Indian hemp or any other hard drugs. As I speak to you, the situation is under control,” he added.

Okoro, however, said the command would constitute a committee to immediately investigate the matter with a view to coming up with recommendations on how to prevent such ugly happening in future.

”We are setting up a committee to unravel the remote cause of the clash.

“In a week’s time, we will get a better picture of what really happened. But mark my words, what happened was not a jailbreak,” he insisted.

The Controller also expressed dismay with the speed at which some newsmen jumped to conclusion and reported unverifiable stories without contacting the appropriate authority first.

He, therefore, urged reporters to verify information before going to press.

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NDLEA talks tough over Gombe farmers inducing labourers with hard drugs



The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has warned farmers in Gombe State against inducing labourers with hard drugs to work for them.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the NDLEA Commandant in the state, Mr Aliyu Adole gave the warning in an interview with the newsmen on Friday.

Adole said that investigation revealed that some farmers were in the habit of adulterating milk and pudding with drugs before giving them to labourers employed to work in their farms, to enable them work tirelessly.

According to him, most of their victims were youths between the ages of 15 and 30 irrespective of gender.

The Commandant said “I want to seize this opportunity to warn perpetrators of such act, that NDLEA will not leave any stone unturned to ensure they face the wrath of the law.

“Those found wanting will be prosecuted, therefore desist from such act.

”Research in the state had shown that youths, male and female, were the major victims of drug abuse.

”Further findings showed that the impact of drug abuse on academic activities impede with the physiological, psychological and emotional functions of the students.”

Adole said that the effect of drugs could impair the memory and affects other intellectual faculties.

He also said that some of these youths also engage in related vices of drug trafficking which seriously affect the nation’s development and render the labour market saturated with unwanted or unqualified labour force.

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