Arewa CF tasks senators, Reps members on election of National Assembly leadership


Mouthpiece of Northern Nigeria, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), has tasked senators-elect and members-elect on the election of their leaders, especially the Senate president and speaker.

ACF said the National Assembly members should put vital human and leadership qualities into consideration while electing new principal officers for the Senate and the House of Representatives in the ninth National Assembly.

Speaking in an interview with reporters in Kaduna yesterday, ACF National Publicity Secretary, Malam Muhammad Ibrahim Biu, said, such qualities are vital cogs in moving the wheel of the legislature forwards and having a smooth though not subservient relationship with the executive arm for government to thrive.

“The election of the 9th National Assembly principal officers is the exclusive rights and prerogative of Senators and members-elect of the National Assembly.

“However, the political parties that provided the platform for them to be elected also have a role in choosing those to superintendent over the affairs of the National Assembly for the purpose of ensuring good coordination with the executive that are needed for delivering on the promise of democracy.

“ACF therefore urges Senators and members-elect that in exercising their rights to elect officers of their choice, certain attributes like legislative capacity and experience, amiability, track record of selfless service, integrity, compassion of the candidates and above all loyalty to their political parties, which manifestos are used for securing the electoral mandate needed for implementation, should guide them in making the best choice.

“More so that democracy is a majority rule in which the political party with the electoral mandate is held accountable and the minority party is expected to be a viable alternative platform for the electorates, considering that democracy without a viable opposition is spurious.

“It should however be noted that multiparty democracy impels progress through change that comes with robust debates on issues of real concern to ordinary citizens,” ACF spokesman said.


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