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What Happened Between Pamilerin And Me, Peruzzi Breaks Silence



The social media is currently ablaze following an allegation by Nigerian social media influencer, Pamilerin, that Nigerian singer, Peruzzi, beat him up for airing his views about the singer.

Pamilerin had, on Monday, tweeted that he was manhandled by Peruzzi and his crew after an event in Bayelsa State.

Alongside a picture of his injured face, he wrote: “The worst happened to me today, but they will be hearing from me shortly and surely. Let’s keep up the energy.”

Although Peruzzi was compelled to apologize after his record label boss, Davido, tweeted an apology regarding the incident.

“I apologize to you @thepamilerin on behalf of my Brother and Artist @Peruzzi_VIBES he was wrong for putting his hands on you but pple need to realize that we Artist are human beings and we see everything! You said some harsh words too my brother and sometimes this thing dey pain!” Davido tweeted.

However, in an exclusive interview with Sahara Reporters, Peruzzi denied slapping the social media influencer.

“It’s simple I am just going to say I have not talked to anybody and I told myself I was not going to talk to anybody. Let me just say this real quick, I am a human being when you have issues with people and you have work you doing so you don’t have time to iron it out and then I ran into this guy and am like this is the best time to talk to this guy then I asked him a couple of questions.

“Have I done anything wrong to you before? he said no. Did I mistakenly step on you at any event and I did not apologize? he said no. Did any of my friend do anything wrong to you and did not apologize to you? He said no.

“That means it is obvious you have nothing against me or I have done nothing to you. Next thing, the guy started laughing. The main reason I was angry with this guy was that he has created so much heat between Teni and I. So he is making people think I have an issue with Teni.

“He started this whole thing. This is somebody I have nothing against. Wherever I go Teni, Teni; Teni this, Teni that. I can’t even make a song with her. Am I not supposed to be in an industry where I am supposed to be free with everyone? Pamilerin started the whole thing.

“Now, okay, I finally met you and I was about to ask what’s up to really know what is going on and you’re laughing. I am a human being.”

When asked about the picture Pamilerin posted to show that he was slapped, Peruzzi said: “Where is the proof that I slapped him? That’s a picture. He should post a video showing I slapped him slapping or whatever is there

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Kannywood na kan hanyar durkushewa – Zaharadden



Zaharadden Sani

Hakkin mallakar hoto

Daya daga cikin fitattun masu shirya fina-finan Hausa a Najeriya ya yi kira ga gwamnatin kasar da ta kai musu daukin gaggawa domin hana harkar fina-finan na Kannywood durkushewa.

Zaharadden Sani ya ce Kannywood ya kama hanyar durkushewa kurmus, kuma tallafin hukumomi ne kawai zai iya tserar da su.

“A yanzu babu riba a harkar fim, asara muke yi… Yawancin jarumai na rige-rigen kafa wasu sana’o’in daban,” in ji shi.

Akwanakin nan dai wasu manyan jaruman Kannywood sun kara bazama wurin fadada hanyoyin samun kudadensu.

Jarumi Ali Nuhu ya bude wani shagon sayar da kaya a Kano, yayin da Sani Danja da Yakubu Muhammad suka bude gidan hoto.

Zaharadden ya ce: “Na samu labarin cewa gwamnati na shirin yin wani abu kan wannan matsalar, amma ina bayar da shawarar cewa ka da a tallafawa tsirarun mutane domin hakan ba zai kawar da matsalar ba sai dai ya azirta wasu ‘yan kalilan”, kamar yadda ya shaida wa Premium Times.

Ya kara da cewa duk lokacin da aka bayar da kudi irin wadannan, “to wasu mutane ne kawai za su wawure domin amfanin kansu”.

Sannan ya yi kira da gwamnati da ta gina gidajen kallon fim a arewacin kasar.

Tuni dama jarumai mata kamar Rahama Sadau da Hadiza Gabon suka fara sayar da kayayyakin kwalliya da kuma yin tallace-tallace ga kamfanoni.

Yayin da wasu kuma kamar su Adam A Zango suka kara kaimi a fagen waka da kuma shirya tarukan wakoki musamman a lokutan bukukuwa kamar na sallah da sauransu.

Da ma wasu masu sharhi sun fara alakanta irin wannan fadada harkokin da wasu jaruman ke yi da karancin armashin da fina-finan suke kara yi.

Zaharadden ya ce a yanzu aikinsu shi ne su shirya fim su sayar ga DSTV ko Arewa TV, saboda babu riba.

“Na shirya fim (Abu Hassan) kwanaki, inda na tafka asara saboda na kashe kudade amma na buge da sayar da shi ga DSTV a arha. Wannan shi ne abin da muke yi yanzu,” in ji jarumin, wanda har ila yau ya kware wurin shirya fina-finai.

Masu shirya fim sun dade suna kokawa kan satar fasahar da suka ce ana yi musu.

Sannan kuma a yanzu suna fuskantar barazana daga fina-finan China da Amurka da Turkiyya da ake fassara wa zuwa harshen Hausa, kuma ake samunsu a tashoshin tauran da’adam cikin sauki.

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Falz Blasts Governor Ganduje For Jailing Kano Musician Who Joked About Him In A Song



Popular Nigerian musician, Folarin Falana better known as Falz the Bahd Guy has condemned the Kano State government for jailing musician Mohammed Yusuf for singing songs which made jokes about the Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of the state.

Posting a screenshot of a BBC pidgin on his Instagram handle @falzthedahdguy, Falz said, “HATE to see stuff like this! This is 2019.

Any individual who feels defamed by any statement made by another person can sue for libel or slander under the law of defamation.

“It is shameful to see public officers using the machinery of the state to harass citizens and attempting to hinder our inalienable freedom of expression.

“Anyone who knows the musician Mohammed Yusuf personally should please get in touch with me. We NEED to contend this unjust sentence,” Falz said.

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How Nigerians reacted to epic speech by Burna Boy’s mum at BET awards



The mother of popular Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, Monday morning broke the internet with her acceptance speech at the 2019 BET Awards.

The awards hosted by Regina Hall in Los Angeles, California had Burna boy as the winner of international act category beating the likes of AKA, Mr. Eazi to the award.

Receiving the award on behalf of Burna Boy, who was absent at the event, his mother gave an acceptance speech which earned her a standing ovation, drawing viral reactions on social media.

She had said, “Thank you BET, Thank you, Africa, because that’s the constituency for which we got noticed in the first place.

“The message from Burna, I believe will be that every black person should please remember that you were Africans before you became anything else.”

However, below are some reactions to her speech gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@DjSpinall: “Burna boy’s mum just gave the best speech I have ever heard at an award show!

@Comedynigeria: “Burna boy’s mom is articulate and extremely confident! The speech!

@Salimpedro38: “Thank u mama Burna for this wonderful message, the world has noticed you, you are a true champion.”

@Offiemusic: “I think I am officially a bigger fan of Burna boy’s mother than I am of him. The woman spews so much wisdom anytime she speaks. I honestly think she has more to give us as Africans than just a talented son and for that matter needs a platform to just speak her mind.”

@Peacoko34: “Brief and great speech by Mama Burna.”

@Wildebee: “Mama Burna just ended all the diaspora wars. They’re canceled.”

@IDreyy: “Content no be by talking plenty. Mama Burna didn’t even spend a minute on the mic, but she delivered the most powerful words.”

@Sisinaira: “Burna Boy won Best International Act at BET Awards, Mama Burna came to pick it up and gave a GOAT acceptance speech.

“Every black person should please remember that you were Africans before you became anything else’ That is class!

@Randzejude: “Congratulations to Africa’s finest Burna boy on winning the Best International Act at the BETAwards2019 last night. Mama Burna stole the show though.

@Kanzaabdul6: “Burna Boy your mama’s speech should have a place in the museum! Iconic.”

@Abdul: “Even if they didn’t introduce her as Mama Burna, all she had to do was open her mouth and speak. same facial expressions and all. And about the bars, now we see where you inherited the heavy ones you drop. Congrats big man Burna.”

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