Itunu: Buhari govt under fire over death of Nigerian in Cote D’ivoire

The federal government and Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM, Abike Dabiri are currently under fire over the death of Itunu Babalola in Cote D’Ivoire prison.

DAILY POST had reported that Itunu who was wrongly charged and sent to prison died last night after contracting an undisclosed infection.

Recall that Gabriel Odu, the commission’s Media, Public Relations and Protocols Unit officer, in Abuja, had confirmed that Itunu was wrongfully charged and incarcerated for a crime she didn’t commit following a series of investigations.

NIDCOM at about eight months ago promised to do everything to secure Itunu’s release after the case was brought to their attention.

However, the commission failed to secure the release of Itunu before her death.

This has stirred reactions from Nigerians who expressed disappointment in Buhari government and it’s lack of concern for human lives both home and abroad.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST;

@Dipo “I have just spent a few minutes reading about Itunu Babalola’s story. The anger on the TL against the federal government is justified. The consulate could have gotten her out. This is really very unfortunate.

@DrOlufunmilayo “ 23yr old Itunu was wrongly arrested and jailed in Ivory Coast in 2019.Her story and her pain became national discussion after David Hundeyin tweeted about it. Abike Dabiri and this evil govt promised to act 8 MONTHS AGO.They abandoned and neglected Itunu. Abike Dabiri particularly promised to get involved and sort out this problem.However NOTHING was done.
She was neglected, abandoned and left to languish. She’s DEAD now.”

@ArinzeOdira “ If Itunu was an American, she wouldn’t have died in prison in a foreign land. Nigerians are seeking PR in other countries because it seems we place no value on human life down here.Besides awarding contracts and moving around with SUVs and DSS officials, what else do our leaders do?

@Williamsxl2 “ She doesn’t bear a Fulani name so they refused to make her case an urgent one. There’s a precedent to their blunt refusal to act on her case. Remember the Kano girl that was almost killed in Saudi Arabia for drugs? This regime helped free her.”

@Nellycrowns “ Dear Lord, may I never be in the situation where my freedom and survival depends on the intervention of the government of this country.”

@MikeDavidson “ Yesterday, I remember Obasanjo, I’m not his fan but dude won’t allow any Nigerian to be maltreated anywhere.Someone told me that a Nigeria passport is useless in Ghana, you can’t use it to access anything, not even buying a sim card. This government is totally clueless and inconsiderate.”

@Von_bismack “Itunu’s death shows a total failure of governance and drive of this administration. People will say that we should not politicize it until you are the one caught up by this government’s inertia and lack of direction.This government failed her. Nigeria failed her.”

@AbdulMahmud01 “It’s only an irresponsible government that cares little for the citizens abroad. Worse still, it is only an irresponsible government that doesn’t provide consular assistance for its citizens abroad. Nigeria fails its citizens.
Itunu is the latest example of that failure.”

@DemolaRewaju “ Understand that every failure of government kills the Fire of Patriotism in Citizens, one candle at a time. Itunu Babalola didn’t just die alone – her death has snuffed out the light of hope in those who dared to believe that just maybe this time, Nigeria would turn up differently.”

@Nkemchor “ Nigeria is a country that literally feeds on its people. Nigeria does not give you anything rather it takes from you. If you are lucky ,it will not be your life. Now Itunu is dead. Giant of Africa indeed !

@Ayemojubar “ Itunu was not from Arewa like Zainab, so what do you expect? One country, two systems.”

@Kdenks “ The death of Itunu is yet another reason to lament the state of ECOWAS, the world’s worst supranational union. A supranational Union that has poorly observed norms on work permits, barely has regional trade, and that often goes towards jailing citizens of other countries.


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