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Fuel scarcity: Osun residents in panic buying as DPR calls for calm



Scores of residents of Osun State were seen over the weekend queuing up for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also known as petrol, in a panic response to supposed imminent scarcity of the product.

DAILY POST correspondent, who went round Osogbo metropolis to monitor the situation, observed that majority of petrol stations owned by independent marketers were under lock.

Manager of one of a station along Ring Road, who was identified as Wasiu, said the directives to close down the station was necessitated by the fear of possible increase in pump price of the product.

“This is Nigeria, where everything is possible. There was strong signal that increment in the pump price of PMS was being contemplated, which brought about speculation of scarcity.

“It is all game, the government is aware of all the drama, they are just playing it down to stabilise the polity,” he stated.

While all mega stations and outlets of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) were opened to sell products, there were still long queues as at Monday morning.

A commercial driver, Mr Amusa Ali, who claimed to have been on queue since the early hours of Monday, decried what he termed the “unstable Nigerian petroleum market”.

He opined that the speculated fuel scarcity was strengthened as many of the fuel stations hurriedly closed for business since Friday and remained under lock till the early Monday morning.

“The panic for scarcity became rife when all stations of Bovas in Osun stopped selling petroleum products; that signalled something was amiss,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Osun State, Mr Kunle Adeyemo, in a telephone interview with DAILY POST, said nothing could have brought about the scarcity in the first place, adding that people were being unnecessarily panic.

He disclosed that there were enough deposit of petroleum products in the country that could go round and sufficiently meet domestic demands.

Adeyemo said, “There is nothing like scarcity, NNPC has come out to debunk it. People are just unnecessarily panic, there is a lot of deposit of fuel in the country, even more than enough to serve the whole nation. There can never be any scarcity of fuel.”

Asked what could have caused palpable panic in the first place, he responded: “You know our people, nothing concrete could have warranted that initially .

“I can assure you that by the end of today, every filling station will starts selling products; there is huge deposit of product in the country.

“Our people will be moving out today to monitor situation within Osogbo metropolis. Whoever is found to be hoarding fuel would be brought to book,” Adeyemo said.

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I’m not scared of kidnappers – Senate Deputy Majority Leader speaks on running from constituency



The Deputy Majority Leader of the Nigerian Senate, Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, has said he visits his hometown, Oka-Akoko in Ondo State regularly while dismissing media report suggesting otherwise as utterly misleading.

Reacting to a media report suggesting that he no longer visit or travel to his constituency, the lawmaker said he has been regular to his hometown in Ondo State now than before.

“The said media report is utterly misleading as it did not reflect the crux, essence and meaning of what I said when I visited the Akure residence of Pa Reuben Fasoranti whose daughter was killed by gunmen.

“The misleading report seems more like offside interpretation and off-key inference.”

Speaking with DAILY POST in Abuja, he said he has scheduled programmes in his home this weekend, while promised to honour all.

“I visited my hometown recently and I will visit my hometown by this weekend and next week to attend scheduled political engagements and community activities”.

“The suggestion that I can no longer travel to my hometown does not represent the truth.”

Meanwhile, it should be noted that when Senator Ajayi Boroffice spoke with reporters in Akure, he emphasized the enormity of security challenges and made reference to a spot near Oba Akoko which is said to be regular operational base of gunmen.

During the engagement with reporters, the senator also said government will find sustainable solutions to the menace.

He called for synergy among security agencies and advised security agencies to work closely with space agencies to ensure accurate mapping of possible locations and hideouts of criminals in Ondo State and Nigeria in general.

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Nigeria Immigration to capture foreign Fulani in migrant e-registration



Cross River State Comptroller of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Barr. James Okey Ezugwu has disclosed that all non Nigerian Fulani will be captured in the current NIS e-registration exercise going on in the 18 local government areas of the State.

Speaking in Calabar during breakfast meeting with newsmen on Monday, he said, “Fulani who are non-Nigerian and other entities who are not Nigerians, but residing in Nigeria will be captured”.

Ezugwu said the Service began e-registration of all migrants in the entire 18 local government areas of Cross River State, explaining that the e-registration was not to find out “Whether the person has a mission or not but to know that he or she is here”.

The Comptroller said the profiling of migrants was even more imperative because Cross River State, being a border state, was a haven for foreigners.

“We are commencing the registration of migrants in all the eighteen local government areas of the state. Every migrant must be captured and profiled so that we can be held responsible. It helps in planning and enhances our productivity, securitywise.

“Cross River State occupies a strategic place when it comes to boundary issues. Our peculiar situation makes it imperative to account for every foreigner in the state,” the Comptroller said.

Ezugwu however said that: “The essence of profiling is not to find out whether he or she (immigrant) has a mission or not, but to know that such person is here. It is not a medium to find out who has overstayed or find out one’s status, but to know where you are.”

He pointed out that there were two categories of immigrants: those who were required to register and those who were exempted from registering.

“There are two categories of immigrants: those who are expected to register and those who are exempted from registration. Those who are to register include visitors staying for more than ninety days; residents who are non-Nigerians and ECOWAS Nationals.

“Those who are exempted are: persons under the age of 18; persons enjoying diplomatic immunity and immigrants staying in Nigeria for less than ninety days,” he said.

Ezugwu maintained that registration was free and appealed to landlords in the state to assist in identifying foreigners living in their houses in order for the registration to succeed.

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Atiku Obasanjo

Pa Adebanjo reacts to Obasanjo’s letter



Pa Ayo Arebanjo, an elder statesman and Afenifere chieftain, has reacted to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Muhammadu Buhari over Nigeria’s insecurity.

Obasanjo had enumerated the huge security challenges in the land, proposed some solutions and asked Buhari to act now so that Nigeria can remain one.

But the letter activated a fresh wave of controversy, with notable personalities taking various positions.

However, Adebanjo in a statement yesterday, advised President Buhari to act immediately on the Obasanjo’s message to demonstrate his commitment to keeping the country together.

Adebanjo said: “I endorse what he (Obasanjo) has said hundred per cent. The situation in the country has got to a critical point that needs immediate attention. It is not a question of we shall do this or we are doing this. The thing has got to a boiling point.

“The situation in the country has got to a position where we have to decide two things: are we going to do restructuring now or we are going to do de-amalgamation? It has come to that stage. We are talking of restructuring because we believe under restructuring we can take care of our security if we do it properly then we can stay together. Anything that is not immediate now is just praying for time.

“Mr. President must do something positive immediately to show that he wants to keep the country together and all the complaints he sees to it. They are killing us right, left and centre; kidnapping us; no arrest has been made, not to talk of prosecution. You want to beat us and ask us not to cry?”

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