Nigeria may end up like Venezuela if we don’t change leadership – Ben Bruce


The senator representing Bayelsa East in the National Assembly, Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce has issued warning over steady decline in the nation’s economy since the All Progressives Congress (APC) came to power.

The lawmaker said, if left unchecked, Nigeria would become like Venezuela presently a major oil exporter in the world but currently going through economic crises.

The senator also lampooned popular saying that Nigeria is the ‘giant of Africa’, noting that the country has failed to justify it.

Ben Bruce, further stressed that only change in leadership would help Nigeria as a whole.

On his twitter page, he wrote, “In 2017, 18 African countries grew their GDP above 5%. Nigeria was not among. What makes us the Giant of Africa? Since 2015, Nigeria has been on a steady decline on almost every economic index known to man.

“If we don’t change leadership democratically we may end up like Venezuela.”

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