Chris & Eunice Morgan: My Vow [Video]


Chris Morgan and his wife Eunice have just dropped a new video tagged “My Vow”

It was Gift Gugu Mona, who once asserted that, “Any marriage can last forever, as long as both partners remain committed to their vows.”

This vividly captures the central message embedded in the duet by famous gospel music minister-cum-couple, Chris and Eunice Morgan.

The song entitled ‘My Vow’, which is a track from his current album; ‘Certified Love’ tends to school people on the need for couples to remain committed to their vows of ‘till death do us apart.’

The video, which has been tipped for the prestigious Grammy Award by music buffs, particularly gospel music lovers, features the couple renewing their love vows passionately.

Speaking on the new video lensed by cerebral music video director, Abraham Daniels, Morgan, whose song, “Daily As I Live” is still an anthem in many churches, also said the songs tends to remind Christians on the need to stick to the love of Jesus Christ, who will never break one’s heart.

Morgan said the video in timely because as the word prepares for this year’s Valentine Day, it is necessary for couples to understand that love should not be celebrated once in a year.

“At a time where true love is anathema to many people and many marriages crumble like pack of cards, we found it necessary to remind us that love should be celebrated everyday and not once in a year.

This video is apt and timely because preparations are already heating up ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day and the love seems to vanish after the festival.

Watch below, enjoy and share your thoughts on it in the comment section.

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