2019: Stop misleading Kaduna people – Arewa youths caution Senator Hunkuyi


The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has warned Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi ‘desist from misleading innocent Kaduna populace’.

In a statement signed by its National President, Alhaji Yerima Shettima and issued to newsmen in Kaduna, Thursday, the AYCF said it considered the dangerous political inconsistency of Senator Hunkuyi, which was dividing the hearts and minds of innocent Kaduna electorate.

The group noted that, “it is fresh in the memory of Kaduna people, that Senator Hunkuyi has become famous for shamelessly switching party affinities or turning against his closest political associates, in the form of openly back-stabbing them.”

It explained that since 1999, “No Kaduna politician has been doing merry-go-round with his supporters, from one party to another, like Senator Hunkuyi. He was in ANPP with his supporters and suddenly moved to the PDP and back again, until they got frustrated and refused to be dragged into his merry-go-round.”

The statement noted that from the moment Hunkuyi was appointed Finance Commissioner in Kaduna State, “He has been too full of himself and became vulnerable to unbridled ambition that turned into political desperation. It is an open secret how the man who brought Hunkuyi to political limelight was turned into his arch enemy and political rival. Interestingly, Hunkuyi has never succeeded in any of his political back-stabbing missions and even in 2019; he will fail because we will mobilize other stakeholders to expose his dirty little antics.”

The group added that, “Deep disappointment, how Hunkuyi has made it a duty to damage the political calculations of his associates, who usually innocently bring him know board for positive contributions. It would appear that there is no end to Hunkuyi’s pedestrian political style as he has failed to change, lover the last 17 or more years.

“We cannot fathom why politicians in Kaduna still attach Hunkuyi to their strategic think-thanks and all they get in return is open political betrayal. But we are hopeful that our forum would seize the opportunity of the 2019 elections to put an end to Hunkuyi’s ignoble role as political spoiler.

“For the records, Hunkuyi has quarrelled with all his political mentors by openly turning against them, at a time they needed his support and encouragement. This political inconsistency of the Senator should be tackled once and for all, so that he does not continue to divide the hearts and minds of innocent Kaduna populace.”

The AYCF also called on Kaduna voters to be very wary of Hunkuyi’s directionlessness, empty rhetorical and self-righteous politics.

The group then assured that with its underground moves to expose Hunkuyi’s deceptive, moneybag politics and window-dressing, an end to his dirty political posturing may have been here at last.

“This is the time also, for the betrayed benefactors of Senator Hunkuyi to pay him back in his real coin, to serve as an exemplary move for checkmating the very rotten eggs in today’s Kaduna politics.

“All hands must be on deck, this time, to show the bad eggs among us the way out, through mass mobilization and effective use of the voters’ card.

“As stakeholders of the Nigerian project, we feel duty bound to fight against any movement by political predators like Hunkuyi, to hide behind their inordinate ambition in order to deceive, confuse, mislead and harm the cherished democratic interest of our people,” the group explained.

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