2019: Senator Ben Bruce tells Nigerians who to vote for


The Senator representing Bayelsa East, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, has advised Nigerians on the kind of candidates they must vote for in next year’s elections.

Speaking at the Nigerian American Business Forum in Tampa, Florida, the lawmaker said “you must vote for people who can change Nigeria”.

“Elections are coming, Nigeria must be a better country. You must vote for people who can change Nigeria. It cannot be business as usual. Dumb people should not be in office,” he said.

Ben Bruce has been largely critical of the incument administration headed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Earlier this month, he queried Buhari’s statement on exercising restraint over herdsmen menace as suicidal.

“I honestly dont understand how we can ask those being slaughtered to show “restraint”.

“What does that mean? Does it mean when killers come for you, you should show ‘restraint’ and present yourself to be killed before you are seen to be a good citizen? That’s suicide not restraint,” he said.

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