2019: How Obasanjo’s statement will help Buhari win election – Ofigo


The National Coordinator for President Muhammadu Buhari Solidarity Movement, Ovo Ofigo, has stated that former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s recent statement would aide Buhari’s victory in the 2019 election.

According to him, the President will take the issues raised as a challenge to prove political pundits wrong in 2019.

Ofigo stated this in a statement yesterday, pointing out that if Buhari desired a second term, he should take issues addressed by Obasanjo in the letter seriously.

The former President had in a statement earlier last week, advised Buhari not to seek reelection for various reasons.

Ofigo said Buhari should see Obasanjo’s statement as an opportunity for him to succeed.

The brief statement entitled “Failure is an opportunity for determined people to succeed”, said, “This Obasanjo’s outburst will definitely contribute more than 40 per cent to President Buhari’s electoral fortunes in 2019.

“Those of us who are Buhari’s apostles via the Buhari Solidarity Movement are pleased with the development.”

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