2019: Clergy charges Christians to takeover power from fake politicians


The Bishop of Methodist church, Nigeria Diocese of Abakaliki, Rt. Rev. Lawson Elom at the weeken called on Christians to do everything possible to take over power from fake politicians in the 2019 general election.

Elom lamented that politicians especially those in power have perpetrated a lot of atrocities by looting the treasury of the nation and leaving the masses to suffer.

The Bishop made this known while briefing journalists shortly after a pre- synod of the diocese that took place at the cathedral church located along Oguja road, Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi state.

He said: “People, especially the Christians should go and get their voters card in preparation for the 2019 general election. I know that some people are reluctant to do so because of the past experiences, were politicians are not sincere about election.

“It is worrisome that some times, People will actually get this voters card, go to the polling unit and vote, expecting a popular candidate to win but at the end of the day, the votes will be counted elsewhere. They will manipulate it and give votes to whoever they feel like they will give it to, not the popular candidate.

” There is malpractice in election and it is weakening peoples interest in going to the polling booths to vote. However, as a church we have encourage people and urged our members to join politics because when the righteous is on the thrown, the people will rejoice. We are believing that our members will get their voters card and vote for people we think should rule us.

“Christians should get into politics and when they are being voted into power, this nation will be better. Because we are beginning to see the possibility of sanitizing the political system of Nigeria.

“And so, we have tried to encourage people to go and get their PVC. We want to be more serious this time around. We want to be sincere. We want to monitor and make sure that proper thing are done the way it suppose to be done in 2019.

“If you leave this country in the hands of fake politicians, that is people who are not true Christians, this country will keep on deteriorating especially the political system.

“People that we want to vote into power in 2019 are true Christians and not those who are not sincere. A True Christian can not be corrupt especially if voted into power in 2019.

“We don’t want politicians who are evil to go back in 2019 because they are the perpetrators of these evil we see today in Nigeria. And we can’t allow this to happen again.

“It is not only the issue of snake swallowing money, but the security of this nation is at stake. The international organizations have spoken about it, but Nigerians don’t want to hear. Those on top do not want to hear. Their concern is to go back and be reelected in 2019 even when they have not done anything.

“We are not comfortable with what is happening in Nigeria today. Things have gone too wrong in this nation and when you tell them, they don’t hear. Preachers preach and tell them the correct thing But they don’t want to listen. They are interested in their personal affairs. The lives and security of the people are not their concern,” he lamented.


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