2019: Bishop Kukah speaks on Obasanjo’s coalition, Buhari’s reelection


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Revd Dr Matthew Hassan Kukah, has warned Nigerians against being deceived by the Coalition of Concerned Nigerians formed by ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Kukah also told Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari had done all he could and had nothing else to offer.

He said Obasanjo’s coalition was a continuous coup against democracy in the country.

He told Sun, “I do not know anything about the coalition and I am honestly not in a position to make any comment. As a person, I am not sure that this emergency ambulance mentality is the best form of institutionalizing democracy.

“Most of this is the indiscipline which does not understand how democracy and consensus building works. It is a continuation of this coup against democracy when those who have held Nigeria to ransom, decide on whom they want in power and then go ahead to manipulate the levers of power for their ends. We can only wish them luck.”

Speaking on the current state of affairs in the country, he added, “I take it that what this administration has offered is the best they can offer, given that they have covered over three quarters of the time allocated to them.

“My verdict is not important and Nigerians should pass their verdict at the next elections. This time, we will be judging based on evidence not propaganda.

“I believe that what we have is the best that President Buhari can and has offered. He has not told you or anyone that he feels he has made a mistake or wishes to do anything differently. He says he takes his time and I believe we should respect that.”

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