Nigerians react as Brymo ‘nude’ pictures, video


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Olawale Ashimi, popularly known as Brymo is currently facing serious criticisms for his latest nude images and video he uploaded online to promote his latest release.

Brymo in a video entitled Heya was almost naked, wearing a g-string.

This, however, did not go down well with majority of his fans on social media as some have advised him to bury his music career, adding that he is just seeking attention.

others, however, hailed him, describing the pictures and the video as ‘creative work of art’.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:

@Osascruz “Nudity in music video is not okay, it doesn’t matter who did it or who is doing it. Music video I can’t watch in Presence of my younger ones.

“Brymo is super talented but nude? I guess dude is looking for what will sale the video, and it’s working.

@_Maestro “What Brymo wore in Heya video is not a G-String, its what our ancestors used to wear long before some cultures settled and long long before the whites came. Know your history people.

@Phobuia05 “You are just seeking for an attention and a way to come back to the music industry maybe people will think you still exist … abi why are you wearing g-string. I remember u once released an album called CLITORIS … your career don finish , so just go and rest and don’t stress yourself man.

@Samiduro “Nigerians please pray for Brymo.Going nude and being weird has now become dope, this guy deserves 14 years.

@Thatblaqboy “So Brymo shot a music video where he was naked and some people are already shouting Gay! Is he now mad? He should just act proper porn! Smh… Holier than thou ignoramuses! Hypocrites rada rada!

@Emeke_05 “I know creativity when I see one and Brymo indeed is a Gem.But that new music video though, can’t lie it’s kinda stupid. I was feeling ashamed while watching it.

@Abbatellum “There’s nothing wrong with that video Abeg. Haven’t video vixens been showing us back side since. Nothing there. They Camera was even shy of Brymo gann.

@Rouvafe “There is a very twisted and lame narrative I’ve been seeing over this Brymo video and that’s the false narrative that if it were a female Artiste, she would have been seriously condemned.

“Female Artistes & vixens have been going nude since time immemorial & no one calls them out.

@Mr_Dwright ” Brymo is just too creative, and there is no real creativity without madness. Nice video with some Art display

@Davala08 “There are certain levels of creativity, Brymo this isn’t one of them!

@fiziedeen “Does Brymo smoke weed? Could it be weed that’s giving him the audacity to do all these? First, called his album Klitoris. Next, baba was screaming “Prick no get shoulder”. Now, fuck it, baba shoots video wearing only G’string. Too much weed, or pure art?

@Kosi91 “Lol when I saw the picture this morning, I knew Brymo has gone mad.

@Chris Goth “Ordinary g-string Brymo wore and your masculinity is falling from your shoulders. Wearing a g-string is not art, it is foolishness.

@Mcshaffy “Oya lets help Brymo so we can save him from obscurity. He needs our helps.

@Oshoneezy “Brymo dressed like the ancient Africans,I see nothing bad with that. ”


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