Herdsmen killings: Senator Sani attacks Dan-Ali over comment on Benue, Taraba massacre


The Senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, Shehu Sani, has criticized the comments made by the Minister of Defence Mansur Danali, that recent massacre of innocent people by Fulani herdsmen in Benue and Taraba was as a result of the anti-open grazing laws and blockade of grazing routes.

Senator Sani lambasted the Defence Minister, noting that his comments were capable of causing more troubles instead of quelling the crisis.

He wrote on twitter, “Minister of defense is doing a good job in the north east in the battle against the insurgents. But his attempt to rationalize, justify, interpret or translate the violence and bloodletting in the states affected by armed Herdsmen does not help in the search for viable solution.”

Sani also frowned at the proposed plans by the government to monitor social media accounts of prominent Nigerians in a bid to tackling the menace of hate speeches spreading across the country.

He added, “If the energy, resources and time that will be dispensed in monitoring the social media labyrinth by the state security apparatus, will be deployed in targeting and tracking kidnappers, militiamen, Terrorists, Herdsmen, Bandits and Human traffickers, we will be safer.”

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