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Gov. Bello’s CPS, Petra Oyegbule reportedly resigns

Mrs Petra Akiti Oyegbule, the Chief Press Secretary to the Kogi State Governor, has reportedly resigned her position.

A source close to the State Government house confirmed the resignation of Petra to AREWA .NG, correspondent in Lokoja, the Kogi capital, on Monday.

The source said the government will soon release a statement to the effect.

Details of her resignation is still sketchy as at the time of filing this report.

Efforts by AREWA .NG ,to confirm the story from Mrs Oyegbule proved abortive as calls to her phone rang out.

The development is coming less than a month after the Senior Special Assistant to governor Bello on New Media, Joel Odaudu, also resigned from the cabinet of the new direction government in Kogi State.

On her Facebook page, Petra had earlier wrote, “I watched Ellen DeGeneres special on Netflix. It’s titled RELATABLE”, adding that, “whatever fear we feel which cages us, we have to muster enough courage to confront it and conquer it. Relatable, no? I found it very relatable. Confront and conquer your fears. I will do mine”.

Meanwhile, an insider has told DAILY POST that armed mobile policemen numbering about six were seen entering the house of the former CPS on Monday morning but their mission is still unknown as at press time.

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Buhari vs Atiku: What Niger Delta should do to those planning to sell NNPC on Saturday – Akpabio

Ahead of Saturday’s election, former Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio has cautioned people of the South-South against voting for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, over the party’s plan to sell the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

The PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, had vowed to sell the NNPC to Nigerians, if elected.

However, Akpabio said it will not be in the interest of the Niger Delta people if NNPC was sold.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, the Senator, who is the National Coordinator, Presidential Support Committee, also stated that considering the achievements of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, Nigeria has no other better alternative than to give him another term.

According to Akpabio “Yes I believe Nigerians can compare the difference between apple and orange. The reality is that this president has done very well considering the fact that he was able to take Nigeria out of recession.

“He met ongoing projects on ground, such as the airports and the railways. He completed and put them to use. Nigerians are clamoring for change, better health care, better educational facilities and all those things cannot happen when you spend almost 80 percent of resources on recurring expenses like pension, salary arrears.

“So we must commend the President and of course, if you take a look at what is happening on the Lagos-Ibadan railway, you will be very impressed. Take a look at the Abuja-Kano railway, some people now travel with rail to the North.

“The power sector has improved from 2,500MW to 7000MW. So many things are visible and the enabling environment is there in terms of law and order. The fight against corruption has really been intensified and the good thing is that it has now become a deterrent to any public official that yes…, if you go out of your way to move your pocket forward instead of your country or state, you will be held accountable.

“We in the Niger Delta are very apprehensive. I don’t think that there is any person in the South South who will go and vote for PDP. Even some of them are trying to purchase votes because when you look at the major policy document of the PDP today, they are talking about selling the NNPC.

“What does the NNPC have? Is it the building? What NNPC controls is the oil of the Niger Delta, oil wells, oil fields and all those things come together with the land. I don’t see anybody from the South South or any Niger Deltan, who will agree that the same way we sold out Nigeria Airways and we became a laughing stock in the comity of states in Africa is the same way NNPC should be sold.

“Look at Kenya Airways, Ethopia Airline, Ghana Airline, South African Airways and Nigeria has no single plane now called its own. We sold out our Aluminium Smelter Company in Ikot Abasi, that provided thousands of jobs and today that place is totally bare with over 690MW of electricity.

“We sold out Oku Iboku Paper Mill in Akwa Ibom and our people are there jobless. That massive structure is a waste.

“The election also is between integrity and others. The President has shown that he can give what belongs to Niger Delta to Niger Delta. He is even refunding monies that were used during my tenure to repair Federal roads and what we use to call Paris Club refund.

“We tried everything under the PDP. We never had that money and I was a Governor and the FG was owing my state over 145 Billion on federal roads and the building of prisons and other things I had to intervene. I dualized federal roads, built airport and today, federal government is refunding those monies to the state.

“If you see a government that has shown sincerity, it simply means that we are now talking about a question of integrity and a question of postulation. We are postulating that if you bring in a government that will sell your father’s land, that will sell your oil wells and sell the waters that you use in fishing, then I can conclude that there is no alternative to President Buhari.”

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Ishaq Murtala: Atiku’s lawyer’s arrest – Tyranny and the continued brutalisation of Nigerians

The recent arrest and subsequent detention of Mr Uyi Giwa-Osagie, lawyer to the leading opposition PDP candidate in the rescheduled 2019 Presidential election of Saturday, February 23, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, by operatives of the EFCC, is exactly what it is: a political witch hunt, aggressive intimidation and harassment of opposition actors motivated by the well known tyranny of a jittery and fading government which has carved for itself an inglorious niche of destroying state security institutions by using them to achieve selfish and extra-judicial purposes in blatant and flagrant disregard for the rights of Nigerians, the rule of law and constitutionalism.

In their usual characteristic manner of subverting legally prescribed judicial processes for the arrest of citizens, opposition members and those associated with them have been severally and severely persecuted by this government, and Uyi Giwa-Osagie’s case is not different as he was reportedly subjected, without any warrant of whatever kind, to a straight 7-hour search of his house and office, took him away along with files of his clients and detained him even when it was reported that nothing incriminating was found during the grueling search.

There is no gainsaying the fact that this is a gross abuse of the lawyer’s rights particularly when the files belonging to his clients were carted away in such a brazen manner thereby grossly violating the trust that usually exists between lawyers and their clients. And to think that this was nothing but a politically motivated raid, it causes the hearts of patriotic Nigerians to bleed.

No doubt, this is a panic button being pressed by the APC-led federal government on the eve of the presidential election. Just over a week ago, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation twice saying in one of them, “I hereby humbly ask for your support again in the coming election to enable us to move to the next level and consolidate on the successes recorded in making our country a better place. I don’t take your support for granted”.

The question Nigerians have been asking since that broadcast is, since when did Buhari start addressing Nigerians and use the word “humbly”? This is the same president they had “humbly begged” several times to address them on critical national issues but he had always rebuffed them with the arrogance of Pharaoh only for him to go abroad and talk down, brashly and rashly, on his own citizens thereby making them a laughing stock before the world.

Election is indeed a humbler!

Days to the election, and within a space of one week, Buhari addressed the nation twice and used the word “humbly” in asking them for their votes. These are the same people he had unleashed the military on under the guise of operations named after carnivorous animals, which also leave behind them tales of sorrow, tears and blood. The same Nigerians he had unleashed the security agencies on for daring to ask him questions as their leader, criticize his non-existent policies that have led to millions losing their jobs, thousands murdered either by herdsmen or security forces, as was the case with the Shiite Muslims in Zaria, without justice for the victims; thousands others displaced by those the federal government once said came from Libya etc; the same Nigerians whose relatives have been summarily arrested and detained for days, weeks, months and even years without trial, and in some cases, in flagrant disobedience of court orders granting them bail, it is the same Nigerians Buhari is now begging to vote for him again.

The same Buhari who once chided the Shiites for daring to tap the chest of Generals which allegedly led to the murderous military clampdown on the Shiites, was the same man, who after being pelted with stones in the sad and unfortunate Ogun saga said, “I don’t have any trouble with it. It is your right”. Indeed, election is a humbler!

Seeing that no amount of begging or election-instigated humility would sway Nigerians, frustration set in for Buhari and his handlers, and in confusion, are now harassing and attempting to intimidate Atiku and his supporters by waging a frontal war against the PDP candidate directly even if by proxy.

But then, it is too late. Nigerians have since made up their minds and are saying “Enough is enough!” rather than boost his image, the politically motivated arrest of Osagie is making the matter worse for the APC. They tried it against Saraki, but failed. They tried it against Ekweremadu, they failed! They tried it against Dino Melaye, but also failed. They tried it against the legislature as an institution, they failed! They tried it against the judiciary, they also failed. They have tried it against Atiku before with the US challenge, they failed abysmally. Now, they are trying Atiku again! The good news to Buhari and his agents is that they will fail again!

No matter what they do now, whether by persuasion or coercion, Nigerians are tired of this hardship in the land and my part of the country, the north, is even worst hit by it. So, rather than retire in more damning infamy, President Muhammadu Buhari should actually retrace his steps from this whimsical and capricious political bellicosity of his, stop intimidating the people, and prepare for a peaceful retirement.

With the minds of Nigerians already made up, the illegal arrest and detention of Atku’s lawyer, Uyi Giwa-Osagie, is nothing but the last kick of a dying horse!

— Ishaq Murtala sent this piece from Kano

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Nigeria decides 2019: What Aba market people told me about Buhari – Orji Kalu

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Abia North Senatorial District, Chief Orji Kalu, on Wednesday, claimed that traders at the Ariaria International Market, Aba, had promised to give at least 65 per cent of their votes to President Muhammadu Buhari in Saturday’s rescheduled poll.

Kalu said this in a statement he issued to newsmen in Umuahia, pointing out that the traders “unanimously agreed” to vote for Buhari and other APC candidates in Abia in the upcoming polls.

He said that the leadership of the market took the decision “after due consideration” of the integrity and capacity of all the candidates for the general elections across the different political parites.

According to Kalu , “the leadership of Ariaria, led by Chief Peter Iheke, has made the best choice with their resolve to give Buhari a minimum of 65 per cent votes.

“They told me that their decision to support the president is rational because no one has done for the market what Buhari did.

“You saw what happened, where the Aba people, majorly traders from Ariara market, came out in their numbers to welcome and thank the president, when he came to Aba.

“Aba North and South Local Government Areas will deliver Buhari and the Ariara market has vehemently assured me of their votes too.

“You know Aba people are my own people and we have emotional attachment to each other.

“One great thing about Aba is that they know their own people and as of today, the president has given Aba one of the important things they need.”

Kalu said that many traders did not know that the newly built Ariaria Independent Power Plant (IPP) was a Federal Government’s project until the president visited to Aba on Feb. 19.

He said that Buhari’ s visit to Aba had helped to throw more light on some of the federal government’s projects in the state.

He ssid that about 30,000 shops, belonging to traders and small business owners in Ariaria market would soon be connected to the IPP dedicated electricity supply.

He listed other federal government’s projects, for which Aba people were grateful to the president, to also include the N-Power and Trader Moni which, he said, had several beneficiaries in Aba.

Meanwhile, the former governor has accused Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa, who is seeking re-election on the platform of PDP, of under performance.

He alleged that Ohuabunwa did not attract meaningful projects to the area.

He admonished the youths of the area not to allow themselves to be used as thugs during the general elections.

Kalu urged those plotting to recruit the hapless youths in the area as thugs to engage their own children instead.

“That politician that is plotting to recruit the youths of Abia north as thugs should bring back their own children from abroad and engage them as thugs for the elections,” he said.

He urged the youths to resist rigging and to report any strange face in your community on the election day to the security agencies.

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