Enugu Archbishop tells Buhari to quit politics, attacks South-East governors [VIDEO]


Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, has launched an attack on President Muhammadu Buhari’s government over its failure to curb corruption.

Bishop Chukwuma speaking at a service hinted that retirement age in politics is 70 years, hence Buhari must resign.

He stated that Buhari’s government came into power through corruption, therefore, the reason it can’t fight corrupt practices in the country.

Also taking a swipe at the South East governors, the bishop said politics played by governors is based on selfishness, materialistic gains yet to match the likes of Alex Ekwueme and Ojukwu.

He further expressed worries at who will replace the likes of Ekwueme, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ojukwu.

“Thus saith the Lord, set thy house in order for thou shalt die and not live. I don’t believe in 70 yrs , 70 years is the age of retirement. politicians are you hearing me? at Age 70, you have your passport to heaven.

“Ekwueme’s trip abroad for medical treatment by the federal government is a shame to Nigeria and a disgrace to the health sector.

“When we can’t even afford panadol in federal state house clinic. I hope x-ray machine is working now because that is the first place to start fighting corruption.

“Ekwueme had something he was doing before he got into politics because he didn’t believe in bribery or rigging. Some of you are in politics but have nothing.

“The present government came through corruption, so it’s difficult to fight corruption. Those who stole money used it to campaign for presidency.

“Buhari 32 years ago put Ekwueme into prison and 32 years after he died unde4r his government.

On the Fulani herdsmen and the question of colony, he said, “South East will not tolerate any colony for fulani herdsmen, herdsmen should stay away; it’s a private business.

“Any governor that supports cattle colony will be resisted by Igbo and CAN.

“Audu Ogbeh should take them to Daura, the python dance we have here is enough

On the poor attitudes of South East Governors to the development of the zone, he said, “South east governors must be united and stand as one voice. As Ekwueme stood for us who will stand for Igbos?

“Politics being played by governors is that of selfishness. It’s time to think of how to eradicate employment, if you have money make investment for the youths rather than recycle yourself in politics,” he said.

He further warned the National Assembly member against cross carpeting which he described as National prostitution.

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