Buhari govt moves against under-performing revenue generating MDAs


The Buhari government is set to implement a new performance management framework for revenue generating agencies​.

The move is meant to block loopholes ​that cause​ under remittances by ​the agencies.

Director-General, Budget Office of the Federation (BoF), Ben Akabueze, ​told newsmen in Abuja yesterday that ​some ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) generate revenue, but failed to remit to the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF)​.​

He said: “Several MDAs generate revenue but do not remit to the CRF, and it’s one of our major area of focus as we are going forward.‎

“We are working to design and implement a new performance management framework for these MDAs and state-owned enterprises that will see them contributing.

“We have refused to take the part of reducing the revenue projection from them. In the 2016 Budget, we projected a very ambitious N1.5 trillion for these agencies.

​”​By the time the year was over, we recorded less than N400 billion. In 2017, we took a hard look and realised that we were being overly ambitious and we reduced the projection to N807 billion.

“The full year fiscal numbers are not out and I know that there is still a significant under-performance.

​”​For 2017, we put N847 billion, and a number of people has questioned the rationale for that decision, but we think that it’s important to answer the question fundamentally.”

​”N847 billion​ ​is simply asking for a two per cent return on investment​.

“We’ve chosen to hold fire on the target and to engage with these agencies to drive the performance and say this is not acceptable,” Akabueze said.

​On whether the 3.5 per cent growth projection for 2018 was realistic considering the impact of the farmers/herders crisis​,​ Akabueze said ​”​First of all, these are localised occurrences.”‎

​”​As worrisome as they are, we do not think they will have such pervasive and adverse impact on the agriculture sector as to pulling down significant overall growth projection,” he ​noted​.

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