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Aisha Buhari speaks on collapse building in Lagos

The Wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, has commiserated with the families of victims of the recent building collapse in Itafaaji, Lagos.

Buhari, in a condolence message sent through her Twitter handle on Friday, prayed to God to grant the families the fortitude to bear the loss.

‘‘My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, especially innocent children who died and some who are still trapped in the rubble of the collapsed building in Itafaji, Lagos.

‘‘I pray the state government and the rescue agencies are able to save more children,” she said.

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Buhari Arrives In Lagos For Projects — But The One He Commissioned In March 2018 Is Sill Not Functional

It is exactly one year and 26 days since the Ikeja Bus Terminal was commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari during his first state visit to Lagos State.

The President, who practically shut down Lagos during his March 26, 2018 visit, is here again to commission a number of projects even though the Ikeja Bus Terminal that he commissioned last year is yet to begin operation.

Buhari is already in Lagos to commission four projects, as confirmed on Tuesday by Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant to the President Buhari on New Media.

“President @MBuhari will be in Lagos today, to commission a number of projects; incl. the reconstructed Oshodi Inter’l Airport Road, Oshodi Transport Interchange, 820 mass transit buses, an ultra modern 170-bed Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist hospital located within LASUTH,” he had tweeted.

In June 2018, three months after the project was commissioned, SaharaReporters had detailed the dissatisfaction of Lagosians with the state government, questioning why the terminal was commissioned when it was not ready for use.

Speaking with SaharaReporters, Paul Gbolahan, a Lagosian, who was not happy with the situation of things, had said: “When it was commissioned, I expected work to start immediately, probably the second day of the commissioning but two months after, nothing has happened.”

A bus driver who plies the Ikeja axis had maintained that the commissioning was improperly planned, saying: “They should have put some things in place before they commissioned the terminal. I am surprised that nothing was done since the commissioning of the terminal.”

Another resident, Morgan Olusegun, had said Ambode should not have commissioned the terminal when he knew it was not ready for use, adding that it was done for political reasons.

“Since the Governor knows the terminal is not ready, why was it commissioned?” he asked. “They should know they are ready before commissioning the terminal.”

Lagosians Fume As Buhari Visits To ‘Commission Uncompleted Projects’

Buhari’s Lagos visit has caused uproar, as some of the projects to be commissioned are yet to be completed.

On social media, Nigerians compared the visit to last year’s, when he commissioned a bus park that is yet to open till date.

Residents have taken to social media to condemn the visit of the President to Lagos.

A Twitter user, AAS @adequnle, tweeted: “I am just extremely disappointed in Buhari, he is coming to #Lagos to commission some hapzardly completed projects again.

The Bus Stop he commissioned during his last visit is yet to be opened to the public, what a man of integrity indeed!’

Another twitter user, @KrizangelUneh, tweeted; Where on earth is this road. is it in this same Lagos that I drive everyday. Can please anybody tell me in case I have not gone pass there.

The Question

Ironically, the same terminal is being touted as one of the best things to have happened to Lagos in terms of public transportation, reason it was dubbed ‘world-class bus terminal’ and not ‘bus-stop.

Many had looked forward to experiencing the ‘world-class’ terminal, especially with the new mass transit buses parked in the terminal. But as the days went by, their hopes ebbed away.

Now that the ‘Commissioning-President’ is here again, how long will it take for the project tapes commissioned by his scissors to kick off operations?

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Nnamdi Kanu releases proofs alleging Buhari not Nigerian

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has come up with a fresh claim about the true nationality of President Muhmmadu Buhari.

Kanu, in his broadcast from the United Kingdom at the weekend, said that neither “dead” Muhammadu Buhari, nor “his replacement” Jibril al Sudani, is qualified to contest for Nigeria’s presidential election.

Nnamdi Kanu argued that being born on Nigerian soil was not enough to qualify one as a Nigerian citizen by birth, unless the parents, grandparents of such person is also born in Nigeria.

The IPOB leader said that Buhari’s father, Hardo Adamu, was a nomadic FULANI trader, a duck seller, from Niger Republic and later became a bodyguard in the Emir of Daura’s palace, which made him to settle in Daura, Katsina State, adding that he (Hardo) was borne in Niger Republic, not Nigeria.

Kanu said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, has opened the door by challenging Atiku’s citizenship by BIRTH, it now lies within the rights of every right-thinking person to also question Buhari’s citizenship by birth, even litigate it in Court.


“Buhari, even before his death should not have contested for the presidency how much less the impostor Jubril Al-Sudani.

“Section 25 (1) of the badly worded, badly written 1999 Nigerian Constitution states that being born on Nigerian soil is not enough to qualify you as a Nigerian citizen by BIRTH, unless your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother is also born in Nigeria:

“According to the highest (Supreme) law in Nigeria which is the constitution, ‘The following persons are citizens of Nigeria by BIRTH-namely:

“(a) every person born in Nigeria BEFORE the date of independence, EITHER of whose parents or ANY of whose grandparents belongs or belonged to a community INDIGENOUS to Nigeria;

“Provided that a person shall NOT become a citizen of Nigeria by virtue of this section if NEITHER of his parents nor any of his grandparents was BORN in Nigeria.

“In simple/plain English this means that if NONE of your parents or grandparents is BORN in Nigeria, you cannot contest for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, simple and short.

“Section 131 of the 1999 Constitution which APC is relying on to disqualify Atiku, provides:

“‘A person shall be qualified for election to the office of the President if –

(a) he is a citizen of Nigeria by BIRTH.’

“Now, leaving that of Atiku for the moment, let us now consider whether the dead Buhari (now replaced by Jibril from Sudan) was a citizen of Nigeria by BIRTH, as defined under Section 25 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFRN) above.

“Keep in mind that Section 25 did not provide being born in Nigeria as the ONLY conditions for being considered being Nigerian by BIRTH. There are other conditions, which one must fulfil and they are:

“1. As applied to Buhari, you must have been born before Independence, so having been borne in 1942, the dead Buhari passed this first test.

“2. Either of Buhari’s parents or any of his parents must belong to a tribe INDIGENOUS to Nigeria; and … [mind you not Republic of Niger]

“3. Under the Proviso to Section 25, either of them MUST also be BORN in Nigeria. [This is the most important proviso because even if you pass 1 and 2, you will still fail and won’t qualify to be Nigerian president if you don’t pass No 3, that is what the law says].

“Now, we know from public records that Buhari’s father, Hardo Adamu, was a nomadic FULANI trader, a duck seller, from Niger Republic and later became a bodyguard in the Emir of Daura’s palace, which made him to settle in Daura, Katsina State. So, he (Hardo) was borne in Niger Republic, not Nigeria.

“And Buhari’s father, being from Niger DID NOT belong to a tribe indigenous to Nigeria. This law was designed to stop cross border tribes from claiming indigenous identity to run for the presidency of Nigeria. Remember that the Yoruba tribe extends into Benin Republic.

“Though they are Yoruba by indigenous identity, they are not regarded as a population indigenous to Nigeria by virtue of the fact that they belong to another country. The same applies to Fulani people indigenous to Niger Republic that share common porous border with Nigeria.

“But given that Section 25 used the words ‘either of the parents or any of the grand parents’, we shall consider whether Buhari’s mother, Zulaihatu, was born in Nigeria.

“What we know for sure is that Hardo Adamu married Zulaihatu in Niger Republic and both of them, being nomadic, emigrated to Daura together sometime in early 1941. That is why there is NO record of any local Daura family in present day Katsina State that claims Zulaihatu comes from them.

“In other words, Buhari’s mother, also a Fulani from Niger Republic was NOT born in Nigeria.

“Now, here’s the question: if neither of Buhari’s parents were BORN in Nigeria, is it likely that any of his grandparents, that is the parents of Hardo and Zulaihatu were born in Nigeria? Not likely. This is where I challenge the Daura Emirate of Katsina to confirm or deny this.

“Let us now recall the Proviso to Section 25 which states, and I quote:
‘Provided that a person shall NOT become a citizen of Nigeria by virtue of this section if NEITHER of his parents nor any of his grandparents was BORN in Nigeria.”

“So, now we know that even though the late Buhari may have been born in Daura in present day Katsina State, NEITHER of his parents or grandparents were born in Nigeria. Buhari is therefore NOT a citizen of Nigeria by BIRTH as defined in the Proviso to Section 25 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“So, even if they now claim that the Fulani is indigenous to Nigeria, Buhari still failed the FINAL and ultimate test of his parents or grandparents not being born in Nigeria.

“So, given that APC has opened the door by challenging Atiku’s citizenship by BIRTH, it now lies within the rights of every right-thinking person to also question Buhari’s citizenship by BIRTH, even litigate it in Court.”

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Gombe: How President Buhari reacted to killing of Christian youths, reprisal attack on Easter Sunday

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed deep sadness over the killing of some Christian youths during an Easter procession Sunday night in Gombe.

Buhari also expressed sadness over the reprisal killing of law enforcement officials allegedly responsible for the tragic incident.

In a statement to DAILY POST on Monday by the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, Buhari described the violent actions as “very unfortunate”

The President extends condolences to the families of the victims, while wishing the injured speedy recovery.

Joining the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Gombe State chapter, and the State Government in appealing for calm, President Buhari also decried the reckless driving as well as “quick resort to self-help and mob action.”

According to him, “We must always be mindful of the peaceful action of others while resisting the urge to take the laws into our hands notwithstanding the gravity of provocation.”

The President commends the leaderships of the police and the National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for steps taken in bringing the situation under control, and promising further investigations into the sad incident.

President Buhari prays Almighty God to comfort the bereaved families and grant rest to the souls of the departed victims.

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