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Adam A. Zango ya ce shi ne Bahaushen da ya fi kowa suna a duniya

Adam Zango
Hakkin mallakar hoto
Adam A Zango

Fitaccen jarumin fina-finan Hausa, Adam A. Zango ya koda kansa a matsayin wanda ya fi yin fice cikin hausawa a duniya.

A wasu jerin bidiyo da ya wallafa a shafin Instagram ya ce “Ni ne Bahaushen da na fi ko wane Bahaushe suna da masoya a duniya.”

Jarumin ya ce ba shi ya fada ba masu bincike ne suka binciko.

Sai dai bai bayyana wadanda suka yi binciken ba har suka tabbatar da ya fi sauran hausawa shahara a duniya.

Adam A Zango yana da mabiya dubu 891 a shafin Instagram, sai dai kuma fitaccen jarumin fina-finan hausa Ali Nuhu ya fi shi yawan mabiya a Instagram inda yake da mabiya sama da miliyan daya.

Haka ma fitacciyar jarumar finafinan Hausa Rahama Sadau ta fi shi yawan mabiya a Instagram inda take da masoya miliyan 1.2.

Amma a cikin bidiyon wanda ya kira sako ga masoyansa, A. Zango ya ce shi ne ma’anar sarki.

“Duk mutumin da yake son ya zama kamar Zango to sai ya shirya wa kalubale da gwagwarmaya, bala’i da masifa ko wane iri”

“Ni kai na da Allah ya nuna min irin matsaloli da bala’in da na shiga kafin na kai wannan matsayin to da zan hakura,” in ji shi.

Jarumin ya yi gugan zana inda ya ce kada wasu su tsargu da abin da yake fada.

Ya ce ana gayyatarsa a kasashe da dama kuma sai an rasa shi ake neman wasu saboda daukakarsa.

Rayuwar Adam A Zano a takaice

Hakkin mallakar hoto
Adam Zango
  • An haife shi a garin Zangon Kataf a jihar Kaduna
  • Ya bar garin a 1992 bayan rikicin kabilancin da aka yi
  • Ya koma arayuwa a jihar Plateau inda ya yi karatun Firamare
  • Talauci ya hana shi cigaba da karatu a wancan lokacin
  • Tun yana yaro ake masa lakabi da Usher – mawakin nan dan Amurka saboda yadda yake rawa
  • Ya koma Kano inda ya fara aiki a wani kamfanin kade-kade da raye-raye
  • Fim dinsa na farko shi ne Sirfani, wanda ya ce shi ya shirya shi da kansa
  • Ya fito a fim sama da 100 a tsawon shekara 16
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National Theatre’s General Manager dies in auto crash

Dr Stella Oyedepo, the incumbent General Manager and the Chief executive Officer (CEO) of the National Theatre (NT) in Lagos is dead.

She died late on Easter Monday while returning to Lagos from an official trip

Her car was said to have rammed into an articulated vehicle at Sagamu, along the Benin- Ijebu-Ode Express Road.

Mr Abiodun Abe, the Director in charge of Business Development at the NT confirmed the development to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday through a telephone interview.

Abe also told NAN that himself; the Public Relations Officer of the NT, Mr Steve Ogundele, and other management staff were taking the corpse of the deceased to Ilorin, her home town.

Abe said that the management of the NT would soon issue a press statement on her funeral details.

NAN reports that the late Oyedepo assumed duty as the incumbent CEO of NT on April 22, 2018.

An artiste, Pelumi Lawal, told NAN that it was sad that the deceased was returning from Calabar only to die around Sagamu.

“She had begun to transform the National Theatre to its pride of place within the last one year of her leadership.She was indeed doing a good job without making noise.

“The toilets and the air conditioners at the National Theatre’s halls have begun to function well. All these were to her credit.

“She was a very humble and a hard working administrator who used to listen to people’s advice on how to move the NT forward. It pains me that we have lost such a great woman. May she rest in peace,” he said.

NAN correspondent who visited the NT also observed that there was lull in business around the popular `Abe Igi’ as soon as the operators heard about the unfortunate incident.

Most of the operators who converged in groups were observed discussing the development in hushed tones and wearing somber mood.

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Davido under attack over reaction to Naira Marley ‘Yahoo not a crime’ video

Popular Nigerian Musician, Davido has come under attack on social media over his reaction to the backlash Naira Marley is receiving for justifying ‘Yahoo boys’.

Marley had during an Instagram live session urged Nigerians to pray for Yahoo boys, claiming that they were the reason money is in circulation in Nigeria.

The ‘Japa crooner had earlier before the live session on his Instagram said “If you know about slavery, you go know sey Yahoo no be crime.”

Some Nigerians in reaction kicked against such comments from a popular musician, describing it as misleading.

However, Davido commenting on the backlash post on Instagram, wrote: “Nobody Holy.”

The ‘If crooner has since stirred reactions from Nigerians.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Apt “Davido really said “nobody holy” on Naira Marley’s comment on yahoo boys,Sigh! His statement is a double edged sword.Whatever he meant still interprets negative.”

@_Harrisonjnr “This Naira Marley topic just proved my pending doubt that Davido is really a yahoo boy.”

@Flosode “Davido or The Marley guy won’t say the same things about yahoo if they or their parents were the victims of yahoo.”

@Ibitoye_Phillipo “Many won’t agree but religion is one of our biggest problems in Nigeria. The way we practice it. Davido’s pathetic “Nobody holy pass” comment on Naira Marley’s post glorifying fraud is a perfect example. We put religion ahead of simple morals.If morals were a priority, there would be no stupid talks of ‘holiness’ in such situations, it would just be purely about what is right and what is wrong.”

@RoyalPriest1 “In a country where things works, people like the so called Naira Marley, Davido etc would have been on watch list but EFCC is as guilty and impotent.”

@Ologunkutere “Davido, spitting his usual stupidity, high bred class stupidity at that! Zlatan and Naira Marley displaying the low life mentality that have being their hallmarks. Big reminder that music and sense doesn’t equate!

@AyoShonaiya “I don’t understand this “no one is holy” reference. Is that what people say to themselves when they commit crimes.Committing a crime is down to you and you only. Has nothing to do with whether nobody is holy.”

@Access_Sydney “Doesn’t matter what or how people try to justify and talk against yahooDoesn’t matter what Naira Marley, Tunde Or Davido or any other person says.Deep down in your heart what is your heart telling you that is what you should take.”

@Sheddy_Osas “It’s clear that those who benefits from yahoo money are I’m full support of what Naira Marley said. Nobody is holy like Davido said but I don’t think coming out to say yahoo no be crime is right.”

@KoloJesse “I know it doesn’t matter but I am deleting every Davido, Naira Marley and Zlatan’s music in every platform I have them on! I don’t support “Yahoo yahoo”, listening to them means I do!

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Anyone that wants me to die will die before me – Baba Suwe on death rumour [VIDEO]

Babatunde Omidina, a popular actor, popularly known as Baba Suwe has reacted to rumours making rounds on social media that he’s dead.

The Nigerian actor and renowned comedian has been ill for some weeks and recently landed in America for his medical treatment

Baba Suwe in the new video confirmed he’s in Rhode Island, America, receiving treatment, courtesy of well-meaning Nigerians.

In the viral video, he said: “Thank you so much to everyone who made me go to America for treatment

“Because of you all I’m in America, doing fine and reviving treatment.

“I am fine and recuperating in Rhode Island. Anyone that wants me dead will die before me because I will live more years.”

On Sunday, fellow actor, Yomi Fabiyi announced Baba Suwe’s trip out of the country for further treatment, accompanied by his son, Sola Omidina.


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