2019 presidency: What God told me – Bishop Umunna


The General Overseer of Bible Life Church Cathedral, Bishop Leonard Umunna, Ajegunle, Lagos State, has revealed what God told him concerning the February 16 presidential election.

According to him, there shall be no complaints of rigging in the coming election, adding that the winner will win convincingly.

Asked if 2019 is a year of ‘Ruling and Slaying Giants’ in an interview with Vanguard, the cleric said, “That’s what God told me.

“It’s an election year and there is apprehension everywhere. You can see that the whole of North East is virtually engulfed.

“The bloodshed is getting so much that if government does not up its game to arrest the situation it will become very catastrophic for Nigeria, because every blood shed cries to the God of vengeance.

“Former President Goodluck Jonathan said his election was not worth the blood of any Nigerian.

“The blood of one person spilt unjustly is enough to make heaven to shut its doors against a nation when the leader does not fight for that very soul, not to talk of hundreds of thousands of souls.

“The evil of Nigeria has reached the high heavens. So, God said to me that 2019 is a year of ‘Slaying those Giants.

“And this year has an acronym – Last: It is a year that will last in the memories of citizens. It is a year that comes with light to expose the evil works of many

“I have told you that when God wants to help a man, he will be using natural forces supernaturally to enable him gain momentum and his enemies losing momentum.

“They will still be explaining it away until the final hour. When you interviewed me on former President Goodluck Jonathan in those days, I told you that God said I should not say anything about him; that it is the end that would justify the purpose why He was placed there.

“We saw what happen-ed in 2015. It was the step he took that averted war in the country at that time. In some states, the momentum will be rising; while it will be going down in others.

“At the federal level; people will change their mind at the point of casting their votes at the polling booth—last minute decision.

“But I must tell you that the way the election will go eventually, there will be nothing like ‘They rigged it’, this time. The thing has gone the way it should go already.”


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