2019 election: Kukah reveals why Nigeria may not pull through ‘successfully’


Matthew Kukah, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, has observed that it will be one of the greatest miracles, if Nigeria pulls through the 2019 elections successfully.

In an interview published in the April edition of The Africa Report magazine, the clergy man said the heightened tension across the country would make it difficult to have a peaceful election.

According to Kukah, “It will be one of the greatest miracles if we pull through the election successfully.

“I do not see how we are going to conduct these elections if nothing urgent is done to increase a sense of national cohesion.

“It would be difficult to find out single state where you do not have tension that could boil over.

“If you multiply this by the number of states in Nigeria and the little sense of urgency, it would be difficult to talk about 2019 without a sense of foreboding.

“I have never felt this way. I prayerfully hope the government will wake up to appreciating how bitter people feel.”

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